Saturday, August 11, 2018

Meeting with the Perinatologist

I had my first appointment with my perinatologist Monday.  They took me back for the ultrasound first and once again this little man showed his stubborn streak.  For most of an hour he refused to show his face or turn so the tech could get a good view of his heart. 

After he finally shifted and she was able to get her last heart measurements, she left to see if the doctor wanted any others and then came back in and said, "I was looking at your history and this says your first baby was born with PDA.  Do you mean patent ductus arteriosus?"  I said, "I don't remember what it stands for, only that she was born with that and a small hole in the bottom of her heart and they both went away by three months."  She then asked if I had had echos done with any of my other pregnancies.  I told her no.  She said I should have since that was a congenital heart defect and now she needed to do an echo.  So, that was fun to learn.  Of course, he had shifted since she walked out and was no longer in a good place for her to see his heart. 

Aside from being stubborn and camera shy, this little guy is not so little.  He is measuring in the 96th percentile and weighed around 3 lbs. 11 ozs.  Which puts him growth-wise several weeks ahead of where he should be.

Managing my gestational diabetes this time around has been a beast.  I was hopeful that since I had already navigated this once that things would go more smoothly.  My fasting numbers are high once again, which I was expecting.  And since I can't eat less than nothing, I was also expecting to be put back on medication for it.  I am also taking medication in the morning because my body apparently hates all carbs before noon.  It has been rather frustrating because my body has not been reacting consistently to the carbs I eat.  For example, if I have a slice of wheat bread in the morning for breakfast, my numbers will be high.  If I have that same slice of bread at lunch, my numbers are normal.  So far, even with medication, I have not found any carbs, complex or otherwise, that I can eat in the morning that will not shoot my numbers up.  As for the rest of the day, it's really hit or miss.  Last time, for the most part, as long as I stayed within my carb limit of 30-45g, I was fine.  And if my numbers were high, I could usually say, "ok, that was a poor choice."  This time,  over, under, simple or complex, there is no pattern.  Foods that I think should be fine aren't.  Foods that I think will make my levels high, don't.  Aside from completely eliminating carbohydrates, I have not figured out how to get consistent readings.   It makes planning meals really difficult, because I can't trust that the same meal will give me the same readings.  I have a follow-up on Monday and hopefully they can help me sort through this nonsense.

We will start non-stress tests in two weeks.  Right now between my regular appointments and these ones, I'm at the doctors at least once a week, sometimes more.  The doctor is hoping we can get my diabetes under control and the baby's growth will slow down to a normal rate.  If it doesn't, they may induce me before 39 weeks.  Right now, I'm hoping he comes early on his own like Lenora. 

This pregnancy has gone by quickly, but with all the nonsense surrounding my gestational diabetes, the end can't come fast enough.  I have a feeling these last eight weeks may feel a lot longer.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, RJ!

 RJ celebrated his birthday this month. 

Allie made
and decorated his cake. 

He shares his birthday with a niece and nephew, which is fun.  We worked with Lenora to get her to wish them all a happy birthday.

It was a pretty laid back day as we were all recovering from vacation.  Thankfully, RJ is fairly low-key, so he didn't mind the lack of festivities.

The kids all worked to make him cards.  Olivia brought him hers and read it to him.  She wrote, "M I {heart} you panacakes, RJ."  She read it, "Mmm, I heart your panacakes, RJ."  She said she wrote it that way because she didn't know how to write, "Mmm, I heart your panacakes, Dad."  We laughed that the only word she didn't know how to spell was dad.

Haydn made RJ a treasure map that supposedly had the locations of all his presents listed.  A cartographer he is not.  It was an interesting go trying to follow it. 

Despite the lack of celebration, hopefully he felt loved.