Friday, January 18, 2019

And Then She Was Six

This girl is brim full of personality--most of it spunk.  She likes playing on the WiiU, the color pink, reading books, dancing, cutting her hair and sneaking her sisters' gum.

She is excited to be learning to read and is still mastering skip counting, but she can navigate a website like a pro.

She loves to wear skirts, but she also sits like a man.  She dislikes that we make her wear shorts under them and will stomp up the stairs when reminded.  Sometimes she hangs out in her room hoping we'll forget why and will come back down without them again. 

We celebrated her birthday in Oregon with all our family, but she had to wait until we got home for her presents.  She took it in stride and didn't even mind having to wait.

Lenora, however, had a hard time with it.  The downside to a big sister having a birthday on Christmas, is not understanding that this time there are no presents for you.  She kept trying to open Olivia's gifts and was quite upset that they kept getting taken away and given to Olivia. 

We love our Olivia and are looking forward to all that SIX has in store for her. 

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Baptism and Baby Blessing--Pictures of My Boys

I realized I never posted Haydn's baptism pictures that my friend Cherie took and now I have Gordon's Blessing pictures that I took, so here are my handsome boys for you to admire.